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We are Garage Guru.  The Garage Organizer Experts.

Garage Guru is a company that specializes in garage organization, cleanliness and de-cluttering.
Whether its a small garage space that needs some sprucing up or a large space in need of a massive overhaul, Garage Guru provides the insight and resources to accomplish your goals.  

The company was inspired by a willingness to want to help people and a passion for organization.

The owners provide a unique set of backgrounds lying in both the Psychology field and Business Management.

Contact us today for a free consultation.  Rates start as low as $159.

Bret Shelhorse

Hello, my name is Bret Shelhorse and I am the owner of Garage Guru. I have a background in Business Management and have always had a desire to organize and to help people achieve their vision and goals.

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Pilar Shelhorse

Hi! My name is Pilar Shelhorse and I am part owner of Garage Guru. I started my career in Psychology because I have a passion for helping people, and making life easier for them. I truly believe that a clear space is a clear mind.

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Our Services

Happy Clients' Garages


“Thank you very much for your input, hard work and attention to detail.”

Jason Miller

"The professionalism is unmatched, pleasure to work with.”

Kristin Tekola

“They are intent on pleasing and are easy to work with and the pricing is awesome!”

Jason Reed

Get Your Garage Organized Today!

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